Friday, March 16, 2007

Hey Deval

I think it's time for some good press - so here's an idea. The next Con Con on gay marriage is probably going to happen sooner rather than later; I'd love to go into that fiasco with some momentum. One good way to do that is to get some good legislation passed on gay rights issues. With that in mind, let's push a repeal to that nasty, archaic 1913 law that stops out of state couples from wedding here. You're against it. Presumably, so are a lot of the legislators of this state. It's time to push and lead on this issue. With your leadership, I'm convinced we can get it repealed fast. Thanks!




Alan said...

A fine idea. And, I don;t mean this to sound rude or anything, but there is precisely a 0% chance that the Governor is reading this. How about printing it up in letter form and sending it to his office?

Ryan Adams said...

Alan, you'd be surprised. I doubt Deval is reading this, but I can almost assure you someone on his staff is. In fact, during the waning moments of the campaign, I went to a big Deval rally/speech in New Bedford. There, I bumped into his press secretary... who recognized me, knew me by name and complimented me on my blog.

So, someone in that office is reading it =)

Lynne said...

Ryan's right. Not to toot our own horn, but I've ample evidence that quite a few unlikely pols read blogs, from sitting city councilors, to state Reps, to the Governor's people.

It's a fact of life that blogs are writing about things that either the media isn't covering, or giving a perspective that isn't in the media. It's also a more direct link to the people than media-driven discussions, because most of us allow commenters. Or why else are so many state Reps and Senators and even US Senators writing on Blue Mass Group and other blogs?? LOL

BTW Ryan this is a good idea. Though with all the fights in the statehouse for budget and other proposals, this one could get squeezed out real quick...

It might be nice to take a pulse of the legislature on this issue though. It wouldn't be hard to put pressure on any lege to be against this law - "hey, you're for a law intended to prevent blacks and whites from marrying??"

alan said...

very well. but how about at least addressing him as "Governor Patrick."

If blogs are going to become part of the mainstream media, a certain level of respect should be a prerequisite.

Ryan Adams said...

If I thought for a second that it would offend the Governor, I wouldn't do it.

Deval = term of affection.

Peter Porcupine said...

Now all you have to do is get Judiciary to schedule a hearing on it.

alan said...

It's not a term of affection when he's the Governor of Massachusetts and you're some random 22 year old kid. It's your blog, hence you do whatever you want, but "Mr. Governor" would be appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan, awsome post. This is Paul by the way. I stumbled upon your blog when I was googling trying to find when the concon was going to be.

I totally agree that that malintended law should absolutely be repealed.

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