Saturday, March 24, 2007

Join the LeftyBlog Coalition on Deval's New Website

I've been testing around Deval Patrick's new website - having loads of fun. Seriously, it's FUN.

Anyway, I realized it makes perfect sense to have a coalition on the site with members who read, write and otherwise contribute to leftyblogs in Massachusetts. So, I started a group and ask that you all join! It takes about 20 seconds and can help us bring a new level of power to our messages to the Governor. I already know he cares about what we have to say, but this is just one way to make sure he's pushing our issues as hard as we expect him to do so.

Join up and help decide what exactly will be our issues!


Librocrat said...

Aww... you have to live in Massachusetts? Man....

I'd love to write about Seattle politics, but dude, nothing in Seattle is interesting at all. Seattle is so far left the only controversy is over whether or not to build a bridge, while Spokane (the opposite side of the state) is so red they never update/amend their city's constitution anyway. Boring, seriously.

Ryan Adams said...

Really? Seems like an interesting state to me! I'd actually love to go to Seattle sometime... seems like a really cool city.

Anonymous said...

How do I join your coalition? I was unable to find the coalition-joining link.


Ryan Adams said...

It's a snag in the system. I thought anyone could just click "join," but apparently not. Sco made the same complaint - and I tried to send him an invite via email, but you can't (only by name and address, which isn't very practical).

All I know is I'll keep on top of it. I already sent an email to the webmaster asking for help. Hopefully I can figure it out within a few days - and I'll write another post when I do.

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