Tuesday, March 27, 2007

LeftAhead: the New Radio Show for the Mass Blogosphere!

Lynne, Mike and I have all joined together to start a new venture in the Massachusetts netroots: a radio show and podcast. Each week, we're going to come together for a live feed that people can catch on our new joint website, LeftAhead. Though the project is in its infancy, the first show went off spectacularly! This week's LeftAhead featured discussion on the MSM/blogger divide and the upcoming ConCon. Look for continued updates on these issues and others on future shows as well as the LeftAhead website. As the shows roll by, we'll bring on guests, take callers and do our best to foster this new tool that will hopefully expand a true progressive vision that will empower our movement even more so in this great Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Grand visions or delusions of grandeur? Tune in each week to see hear. It's been a longtime in the making...


Anonymous said...

What a tool.

Hey, I was talking about the Web site.

Here's a suggestion: Why don't you front-page a shout-out to all the BMG exiles and schedule a call for them? We can steer clear of complaining about the blog itself--who wants to hear that?--and vote on a couple of topics and news stories to discuss.

Just a thought.

Ryan Adams said...

Great idea... a bmg discussion sounds dangerously fun =p

Anonymous said...

No, no--actually talking about BMG is deadly dull radio. I just mean recruiting from the ex-pats, who have interesting voices that are no longer heard.

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