Friday, March 02, 2007

A Legit Question, Bad Article

Today's daily bashing of Deval Patrick by the news staff is actually about something I'd like to know more about, but sadly none of my questions were answered. In the article, it's revealed that most of the money used for Deval's 250 police officers would come from a different, current program that gives money to localities. Is Deval window dressing? Or is he shifting money from a program less worthy than the new one? The Globe never really answers that question.

Instead, they give a platform for angry legislators who are worried about taking away the cash cow from local towns. It doesn't seem like the current program in place, which Deval is pretty much ending with his new police program, has many strings attached to the money. Furthermore, the Globe doesn't answer where most of that money is going.

Deval has key plans for his new police officers, getting them in where they matter most. It seems like a better priority, angry Beacon Hill legislators aside. However, the Globe pulls a Herald and gives the soap box to the people who are afraid of Deval's new-found power, instead of doing any serious investigative research. Considering two reporters wrote the story, one would expect a little more. So another day, another lousy story - the only sad thing is that it's an important question: the Globe's readers deserve the real answers.


Anonymous said...

Maybe while Deval's at it he can take on the "paid detail" scam. There has been a "statie" sitting in a cruiser watching the construction of the 290/146 interchange in Worcester for over a year now. They get paid $70 an hour to sit there. It's not direct police work, and ultimately we do pay for it because the construction company just tags the bill onto the cost of this state road.

J said...

I'd like to know who paid for the statie who drove the Caddy down to DC. Where did that money come from? I bet cab fare would have been a lot less than the gas, and mileage, and hotel room for the driver.

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