Friday, March 09, 2007

Mass Deportation and Mass Human Rights Nightmare

That's something I've always maintained. Undocumented immigration is the type of issue that sounds really easy to determine: people are here "illegally," they should be sent home. Easy as pie, right? Well, obviously there are some kinks in the system. When parents are flown to all sorts of detention centers around the country in the matter of a day or two - and families are left in the dust, including young children, something is wrong. Very, very wrong.

Simply put, for all those in favor of heavy regulation of immigration, more of what we saw in New Bedford will happen. States, at least states with Governors who give a damn (and luckily, we have one of those) will try desperately hard to keep up - and what does that mean? Suddenly, we're flying in a DSS team to Texas, just even trying to keep up with the basic human right of not being separated from one's family. This is the same DSS that's on scrambles as is, now having to find emergency homes for the children of 300 families. The same state with a billion dollar deficit has to find the funds to solve this crisis, which surely will cost us tens of thousands of dollars - maybe hundreds.

Immigration is an issue that demands compromise. We can't allow these kinds of raids; they're a disaster. Sadly, immigration is one of the few areas where President Bush is actually willing to compromise. The McCain-Kennedy Bill, in its original form, was an eminently fair bill - one that all sorts of people from all kinds of political perspectives got behind. Citizens from Massachusetts should ask our Senior Senator to resubmit that bill, especially given what happened in New Bedford and the change in direction of the Senate.

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