Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Most Important Front-Page Globe Story Ever

The implications are just historic!

I mean, sushi served in restaurants? Tour guides who speak different languages? Serious front-page material.


Anonymous said...

haha welcome to baseball season in boston, get used to politics taking a back seat to sports.

Ryan Adams said...

To be honest, I wouldn't care much, but there have been a lot of football and baseball stories dusting off the front pages lately - and given that it hasn't been and wasn't in season, that's especially peculiar.

However, it's below-the-fold fluff, so I'm not really complaining, so much as I think it's funny.

joe said...

Daisuke has been smoking people all pre-season. This story was long in coming.

Can someone say deepest pitching staff in the MLB?

Ryan Adams said...

hopefully =)

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