Tuesday, March 06, 2007

An Open Letter to Deval Patrick

Dear Governor Patrick,

So far, the dynamics of your administration has reminded me of the Superman/Clark Kent relationship. Superman was, well, super - while Clark Kent was purposefully clumsy and wasn't anything special. During your brief tenure as Governor, you've pushed some bold new policies for this state and seem to want to overhaul the way government works. Your ideas are great, forward-thinking and we desperately need to get them passed. However, there have been personal blunders that - fairly or not - has set off a media frenzy: there are hungry sharks in bloody water.

That's precisely why, from here on out, you have to be more Superman than Clark Kent. That means you have to be The Governor all the time; that means no more phone calls on behalf of your friends, even when you aren't doing it from the purview of your office. Don't get me wrong, I think it's ridiculous that you had to pay for new office furniture, drapes and the difference between the car you're driving now and what Mitt Romney drove then, especially given the fact that he was travelling across the country running for President in part using taxpayer's expenses. The media loves to be hypocritical when it comes to reporting on Democrats and Republicans, we both have known that for a long time. I agree with you when I think these are largely distracting, media-driven stories that ignore the important things going on. However, it's precisely because of those reasons that we can't keep having these Clark Kent moments while you're in office.

I promise to help pass some of these bold new initiatives, which I think in large part are a great idea, with all the might of my web site. That's not saying much, but there are thousands of people out there who agree and will do the same. That's why we can win. Your policies are important and I know I'm just as much a part of your campaign for a better Massachusetts as you. I believe you were genuine when you said that on the campaign trail and I believe you still mean it now.

You're going to be a very good Governor and we're going to get great things accomplished over the next 4 (and hopefully 8) years. However, we'll be able to accomplish far more if we don't have to read any of Frank Phillip's trash stories in the media that can easily be misconstrued among many in the public. We have a lot of work to do and, unfortunately, our leader - you - must sacrifice some of the most basic things in life in order to get things done. Trivial actions and words, sadly, become important when it's you that's doing it. Furthermore, being Governor means doing things we don't like - such as sucking up the media and becoming good 'ol chums with the Boston rags. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. These are all part of the job description for any Governor, but especially a progressive one such as yourself. We depend on the public knowing the truth to get things done, but that can't happen if most people know more about your office drapes than meals tax policy.



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