Friday, March 23, 2007

Tomorrow's Agenda for Meeting w/Gov Patrick:

I've been thinking a lot about issues I want to see discussed with the Governor and here are a few ideas:

-What can we do, beyond what we're already doing, to make sure the corporate tax loopholes are closed?

-We have a ConCon coming up - what's the strategy going in? What's being done now? We need to walk into that ConCon with momentum, hopefully coming in the form of legislative success, which would come strongest by repealing the archaic law that prevents out-of-state marriage equality. Anyone should be able to come to Massachusetts and get married, not just straight people. We want momentum going in there and that kind of success would matter.

-Strategies for fair press - and how the blogosphere can help. One way to avoid stories on Caddies, drapes and secretaries is to have a lot more press come out of the administration - constantly give stories about what's going on inside the administration, what policies they're enacting, etc. Toss out at least basic weekly reports and email them to supporters, especially bloggers, and if they're remotely interesting we'll probably cover it. If we cover it, the MSM just may too.

So, those are three solid things that should be discussed. Since there are going to be other people there, I'm not going to hog all the time, I just want to make sure each point is made. The best part about this meeting is that there will be a real diversity of people there, discussing issues I probably haven't thought of before. Well, that's not the best thing, the real best thing is the fact that Deval Patrick recognizes there's a whole new branch to the media - actual people - and they matter just as much as print.

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Uncle said...

Hate to sound like a brutal cynic, but the decision to bring in people who know how to game a corrupt system may be just what is needed. This is a dirty game, and it is wasted idealism to avoid playing it.

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