Friday, March 02, 2007

UMASS Dartmouth Literally Falling Apart

This is an email I got from my school the other day:


From: Lee Nason, Director Facilities Planning Design and ConstructionEffective immediately, the two atria in the Science and EngineeringBuilding (Group II) are closed to all occupancy.Based on an observation of movement in one of the balconies, FacilitiesPlanning Design and Construction hired a registered structural engineer toreview the condition of the cantilevered balconies in the Science andEngineering Building. The structural engineers recommended immediateclosure of the atria until we can assure the community of safe occupancy.

Because these spaces are well-used and important study areas for ourscience and engineering students, we plan to shore up the balconies on atemporary basis and re-open the atria as soon as possible. The temporaryshoring will remain in place until permanent structural corrections arecompleted. A schedule for doing the temporary and permanent work has notbeen determined at this time, but we will keep the community informed ofprogress.We are working with the College of Engineering to identify alternativestudy areas.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The funny thing (if there's anything funny about it) is that I told my science-geek friends I'd "never step on those [atria] ever." Oh, but Ryan, it was fine... they said. Sure was!

I have a hard time believing this would happen at Harvard.


steverino said...

You hippocrit librals. You are all over Devals budget like an intern on Clinton's cigar, but you want to treat yourselves to lavish i-beams and dee-lux strutcchural supports to hold you up. Ever heard of the invisible hand?

Who cares about geology students. Bunch of morans.

Anonymous said...

Maybe when UMass alumni start giving like Harvard alumni you can have the same kind of facilities.

Ryan Adams said...

Steve... I've been gung-ho on Deval's budget plan. He did a great job, all things considering. On numerous places, including BMG, I've commented that I'm content with his higher ed spending this year.

I don't care about "lavish i-beams and dee-lux strutcchural supports." I'd settle with something safe, sturdy and not a complete eye sore (it doesn't have to be a mona-lisa either).

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