Monday, March 19, 2007

What Talking Points? Did I Miss My Easy Button?

Damn, I should have called Staples. Apparently, during the campaign, a select few got talking points. Imagine how much easier it would have been for me to tap the easy button, instead of - well - pay attention. Perhaps, if those talking points went out to every volunteer, we would have walloped Kerry Healey even harder. Why? Because, when I phone banked, not a single person had a copy of the talking points. You'd think Phone Bankers would be the first to receive such handy information, right?

Nope. But, shh, don't tell Andrea Estes, because boy did she have the plot to report today. Of course, this important bit was totally inaccurate for at least most Deval Patrick volunteers, but since when have the facts been important to the news?
The committee has also developed a set of talking points aimed at helping loyalists steer attention away from the political stumbles that have dominated the early weeks of Patrick’s administration.
Damn, that would have been a good idea. If only the phone bankers got the memo. Charley has more and so does Mass Lib. Seriously, though, where's my copy of these fabled Talking Points. Andrea, I'm assuming in your reporting you got your hands on at least one copy, right? Can you email me some... I'm feeling left out!


Anonymous said...

Odd that no one finds it interesting that Estes and Patrick appear to be neighbors in Milton. Is that true? Did she already know him before he ran for governor? Is there some sort of pre-existing condition here--a property dispute, a noise or construction complaint?

Inquiring minds want to know, but apparently, we're not supposed to.

Ryan Adams said...

It certainly is an interesting factoid. I'd love for someone in the Milton area to do a little citizen-journalism.

Anonymous said...

You might want to pass the idea around the Mass progressive blogosphere (Name idea: "Not Much Left"), and see who has a connection there.

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