Thursday, April 19, 2007

Better Web Designs for Local Papers

I'm very happy to report the general improvement of a bunch of the local papers, which probably isn't a coincidence (considering their mega-owners).

New Bedford's paper has had a great website for a while, but now I have to say I've liked the general improvement in the other two local papers I read on a regular basis: the Lynn Item and Swamspcott Reporter. The Reporter is a part of the huge collection of local weeklies - owned by the Herald, if I'm not mistaken - which is also true of the Lynn Item, though they have their own printing services and are fairly independent in terms of both content and publishing. The best part of the Item's paper are the comments - a lot of people are leaving them, which makes these stories much, much more interesting. Also, kudos for the amount of content the Item is now leaving - which was paltry on its old website.

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