Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Day of Silence

Today is the Day of Silence, a day mainly meant for young glbt people and allies to protest for an equal voice at the table. While I am not one to normally think "silence" is the right message, speaking (or not speaking, in this case) in unity can be a very powerful device. I decided to participate this year for the first time ever and in my first class of the day, it actually made a difference. The professor decided to have a moment of silence for the entire class after I passed her the standard note card informing her I was participating and then proceeded to say anyone who wanted to should turn mute with a purpose.

The interesting thing about the Day of Silence is the fact that - if it works - it's not silent at all. It can be very loud and make an impact. The more people who participate, the stronger and clearer that message will be. So, if anyone is able to be silent until 5pm tonight (when the Day of Silence ends), do it. If you can't stay silent, stand up for civil rights at least once today. We're facing a critical period in Massachusetts - the waning weeks before the next Constitutional Convention - and we need everyone on our side strong and active in their convictions. We need to help make an effort to recruit new allies in the efforts of securing civil liberties for all. Today is a day that can make an impact.

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