Thursday, April 19, 2007

DiMasi's Telecom Connections

A reader sent me some interesting information that may just be relevant, considering DiMasi's staunch opposition to some of Patrick's budget plans. DiMasi has been very gung-ho in protecting the Telecomm industry from paying property taxes on the lines they own, something that cable companies already do. This money would go directly to towns and cities, which have been hit hardest in our state's budget woes. Here's the gist:
I think DiMasi's strong opposition to closing the loopholes stems from the fact that Mintz Levin and MLstrategies-affiliated attorneys have been among his greatest contributors in recent years. Mintz Levin is a law firm/lobbying firm that, according to, counts the Telecommunications Industry as its largest client. If you research the matter, it's pretty easy to trace the money from the cable/telecom industry groups to Mintz Levin to DiMasi's campaign fund. A lot of Mintz Levin attorneys donated money to DiMasi without even disclosing their affiliation with the firm, which tells you something as well.

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You should send this to The Globe! They'll print it!....


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