Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just Ban All Proms Then

So this is interesting.

In Attleboro, high school senior Rosanne Stott wanted to bring a date to the prom, but she can't, because her date would be a woman. At a public school, the administration would have
trouble enforcing such a rule, but this is Bishop Feehan High School, run by the local catholic diocese.
Okay, it's a Catholic School, so there's really nothing anyone can do about it... freedom of religion, blah, blah, blah, blah. I support that principal - people choose to go to Catholic Schools. If that's all there was to this, I probably wouldn't be writing about it. However, there's an interesting little blurb about this all.

"Rules are made by schools that anyone can call discrimination if they want," he said in a telephone interview. "The school has the right to make rules in the best interests of the students. We teach tolerance towards people who may be gay. That is not the issue at all. That's the confusion. It's against gay sexual activity."
Now, I left the Catholic Church about 2-3 years ago, but I'm fairly familiar with basic Catholic catechism. Last time I heard, sex before marriage was banned. I would especially think Catholics would want teenagers in general to avoid sexual activity.

I confess myself confused. If having sex before marriage is bad - why have any prom at all. Or do only those heathen homosexuals have sex before marriage? After all, straight people could have sex with straight people, right? Wouldn't the Captain of the football team possibly want the popular cheerleader? So, what's it gonna be? Why have any prom at a Catholic School at all if potentially any of those dirty men could do the bad deed to any woman? The Catholic School claims to be worried about sexual activity - and they don't care about the whole 'gay' thing - so shouldn't they be consistent?

Or is only gay sex wrong? Or at least the only sex wrong enough to ban certain people from going to the prom?

I didn't know this was possible, but apparently the Catholic Church can become even more hypocritical than it already was. Wow.


Massman said...

Had this been a public school, then I would say there is no legal standing to prohibit this girl from bringing a girl to a prom. However, this is a private School, with it's own rules and regulations and by sending your child there, you accept their way of thinking.
I am sorry she could not bring her date, and maybe next year her parents will send her to a school that is a little more tolerant. For now, she is out of luck.

tblade said...

I wonder if a heterosexual female student wanted to bring another hetrosexual female student as a guest how this story would be different?

Ed in Swampscott said...

If the students of the school disagree with the policy strongly enough (which I think they should) they could boycott the school dance and set up their own dance where such discrimination is not tolerated.

Ryan Adams said...

My only point Massman was that the school's logic is warped. On principal, I agree with you. Hopefully, she'll attend a different school next year. In the meantime, the school should just be honest about the "why" in their policy.

Anonymous said...

There was a 60 Minutes a while ago, and they were talking about the drop off in seminary students and trying to attract priests, and Ed Bradley was talking to three seminary students and he asked them if any of them had had sex and they all admitted they had! It's like, excuse me, how can you enforce the Church's obsession with sex when you've all admitted you're hypocrites? How can you tell people do as I say, not as I do? Are all the Catholics who have a problem with "teh gay" virgins?

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