Thursday, April 26, 2007

Let's Spend a Moment on Iraq and Other...

Inept columnists, from different newspapers. Any0ne read this pile of crap today, comparing Attorney General Gonzales to Senate President Reid? Well, apparently David Broder thinks political "ineptitude" is as bad as, well, potentially breaking the law and compromising the entire judicial system by firing attorneys for purely political reasons. However, what's more revealing is the dirth of stuff Broder has on Reid. Broder is angry about Reid's Iraq position, but the majority of America agrees that the war in Iraq is lost. So, instead of arguing on the merits, Broder just launches a bunch of old political gaffes at Harry Reid and basically says "see! see!"

Well, I see nothing - other than a typical politician. However, Harry Reid is very right about Iraq. There's no way to "win" Iraq - what are our goals, anyway? Who are we fighting? Can we "win" a war in Iraq - for Iraqi independence - if the people we're fighting in Iraq are, well, Iraqis? And are we fighting against Shiites or Sunnis? Every day it changes, depending on which group of angry 'constituents' (after all, we're building a Jeffersonian Democracy here) sets off a bomb by an American Humvee. Broder has nothing, otherwise he'd be answering some of these questions and criticizing Reid for not doing so. That's why, in order to change public opinion, he's just going back on old stories Reid has long since apologized for.


eddie said...

Speaking of contempt for checks and balances and abuse of power and lawbreaking, Sec of State Rice has announced she's "not inclined" to honor a Congressional SUBPOENA.

Wrap your head around the mind-blowing, Nixonian arrogance of that for a second. At least Gonzales deigned to show up to lie, pretend he couldn't remember and tell Congress to shove off.

Ryan Adams said...

You're kidding? How did I miss that?

Wow... thank the gods time is running up on this administration. Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked if they don't even make it through the final two years. The shit is hitting the fan fast with that bunch.

David said...

On the topic of Iraq, I found this article to be quite interesting.

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