Thursday, April 12, 2007

Methinks Deval's Going to Win This Fight

Sometimes, things are just obvious. Deval Patrick's budget plan, at least in comparison to the House Ways and Means rainy-day robbing crap shoot, is the far superior plan. I guess that's what happens when a Governor actually spends a solid month behind closed doors, with his experts, to craft a budget. The result of that was an eminently intelligent, reasonable and fair budget - at least given the tough fiscal year this state faces. Deval Patrick managed to balance a billion + dollar deficit without raising taxes or robbing the rainy day fund. Sal DiMasi? Not so much...

The Globe's editorial staff made their opinions fairly clear.
THE HABITS of 16 years are hard to break, and so.... the Legislature ought to give greater consideration to [Governor Patrick's] ideas on how to make state government work better.
Let's hope Sal DiMasi gets the memo. To people who want to see most of Patrick's budget pass - who want unfair corporate tax loopholes closed - they need to be vocal. Call your State Rep and Senator and tell them to override the House Ways and Means Committee and tell them to tell Speaker DiMasi that he's wrong.

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Mass Marrier said...

Well, I wish I could be as optimistic. I hope you're right. I listened to Sal's WBUR interview. He spun the devil out of his ploy, pretending his hacking the budget, stealing from the tobacco settlement, and protecting corporations was great stuff.


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