Thursday, April 12, 2007

Romney Would Still Do Imus's Show

Now I understand how "LOL" became internet lingo for laughing out loud - because Romney's statement on this matter is hi-fracking-larious.

Mitt didn't just come out and say he wouldn't do Imus's show. Anything for free publicity, right? That $21 million first quarter wasn't enough to justify being more selective in free press... I suppose he'd just love to do Limbaugh, Savage, Hannity and any other crazy out there.

Oh, don't worry though, Willard promised to give Mr. Imus a good, stern talking to...

Nice catch, David. That's quite the revealing story.

I was just dying to write about this as soon as I - for the first time in months - caught NBC news with Brian Williams and heard the spokesperson come on to discuss the matter. Now, with Mr. Romney's admission, I have an excuse to give my take: what an awesome precedent NBC Universal has initiated. It's well past time the crazies are thrown off the air for hate speech. First, DePetro, now hopefully CBS will follow NBC's tv-suit and throw Imus off the air for good.

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