Sunday, May 06, 2007

All Gay All Day This Tuesday

Substitute Herb for Ted Haggard and I think this cartoon still works, no?

Wednesday kicks off the opening season session to attack gays everywhere - their ability to raise kids, their bedroom habits, whether or not we should allow most this country to fire them or kick them out of their homes simply for being gay... fun stuff like that. It's the first Constitutional Convention of 2007 and as such, just the beginning to hear the hate on the radio, in the newspapers and everywhere else we go.

Of course, Teh Gays are being attacked everywhere - not just in Massachusetts. President Bush has promised his third veto of his presidential career, following funding for the troops and cures for little kids with diabetes. Now he's set to protect the rights of employers to fire their workers for thinking they like teh cock (and assumingly have one, as well). Perhaps it's been open season all along?

But I digress. Tuesday is a very important day for two reasons: first, it's the day before the Constitutional Convention and as thus is a good day to actually talk about it. Second, it's also the day LeftAhead airs live - the Bay State progressive podcast I participate in. Naturally, those two things go hand in hand. Best yet, the editor-in-chief of New England's largest GLBT newspaper (and expert of all things Boston Politics) will be our special guest.

So, listen up on Tuesday for all the best info on what's actually going to happen Wednesday. That info surely won't come from me, but I'll do my best to not muck it all up. Pull up a pair of air phones, turn your computer speakers up and listen in!

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