Thursday, May 03, 2007

All I Can Say is Wow... Bay Windows on Gay Rights

Just read this. It's one of the most amazing thing I've ever read, Pulitzer worthy as far as I'm concerned. I'm not even going to quote from it, because I want to quote the entire thing... but would have to limit it to 3 paragraphs (because more violates copyright laws) and there's no way to fairly do that. The Editor of Bay Windows, Susan Ryan-Vollmar, basically describes everything that's gone on in terms of the last few ConCons and what needs to happen to defeat the upcoming one. She also apologizes on behalf of Bay Windows for getting it wrong last year, saying the ban amendment was defeated... and offers a stunner, that the SJC case saying the legislature should vote on marriage wasn't the real reason why marriage advocates lost last year. Furthermore, she made the critical point that I've been trying to push for months now: with all this good-will and support on marriage equality, why hasn't 1913 been defeated?

The best news is Susan Ryan-Vollmar is the tentative guest on next week's LeftAhead - which THRILLS me. Now, I have a lot to digest and prepare for that very exciting engagement. Remember, LeftAhead episodes (Tuesday nights at 7:30) are live - and we can take callers, so if anyone is interested in dropping questions or calling in, send me an email and we can probably figure it out. We have a tough fight ahead to protect the most basic of human rights in Massachusetts and there are few people more equipped to discuss everything and attuned to what's going on than Susan Ryan-Vollmar.


David said...

This doesn't belong here at all, but I'm unable to e-mail while at work and I just needed to direct attention to it. Brilliant article, well written, reasoned out and quite logical. Check it out. Really you have to.

Ryan Adams said...

scary stuff... ugh

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you've got that right, extremely scary stuff.

Jason said...

The most interesting part of this editorial is what it has to say about the failure of MassEquality and MGLPC.

Ryan Adams said...

Indeed. MassEquality has frustrated me as well.

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