Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ask Ryan Anything

Yesterday was that time of the week, but I totally forgot to open the floor to my readership. So, this week you get to ask anything on Tuesday. Lots of things to talk about, like the upcoming ConCon - and probably the one that will count. So, have ask at it!

PS: LeftAhead airs tonight at 7:30.


joe said...

I live in middleboro, where they might build a casino. What's your take on casinos?

Ryan Adams said...

I'm not inherently opposed to casinos, just the way they're traditionally run. For example, casinos tend to be nearly all-inclusive: you have your entertainment, restaurants and hotels all in one place. If, for example, one were to be put in New Bedford, I think it would just as likely drive business away as it would keep it - at least certain kinds of businesses. Almost all of the profits derived from a casino go to a casino - which is quite unlike a lot of other large entertainment areas. Just look at Fenway and see how many bars, restaurants and stores popped up around there?

So, if casinos were to just stick to a hotel and casino and maybe one restaurant/bar/etc., but not go into putting up huge malls and other things, then maybe I'd be okay with it. Otherwise, I don't think there are very many positives for the incredibly negative things that go along with casinos (increased crime, feeding people addicted to gambling, stealing money away from our state lottery system, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Go look at the neighborhoods near the casinos in Atlantic city for a preview of what a casino does to a city. If however it's isolated (Foxwoods) it can be a good income stream for the state.

Anonymous said...

Who is Earnie Bloch III?


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen him and Porcupine in the same room together?

Ryan Adams said...

KBusch, that, my friend, is a question I couldn't answer - and, anon, I could never quite be 100% sure about that. I've been in a room with PP once, it's statistically possible Ernie Boch was there too =p

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