Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Marriage Equality Day!

From a press release I just got,
BOSTON—Thursday, May 17, 2007—In honor of the third anniversary of marriage equality in Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick today proclaimed May 17, 2007 Marriage Equality Day.

More from our Governor, who's pledged to do all that he can to protect marriage equality.

“Marriage equality has been a part of life in Massachusetts for three years now. We can see clearly that the sky hasn’t fallen,” Governor Patrick said. “People, I think, have moved past this debate. And I want very much to avoid the divisive, circus-like atmosphere that will accompany this referendum.
It's time to take a second away from studying to THANK the Governor. He seems to be working his ass off on this cause, in preparation for the upcoming ConCon - so here's a big time thank you. It's great to finally have a Governor who cares about everyone in Massachusetts - he's proven that politics really isn't "just words." No, his actions are speaking far louder.

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