Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Harvard Study: Bow Before the Youth

Okay, it didn't exactly say that, but (more-or-less) according to Jeanne Shaheen, we "Millennials" stole the keys to Grandmother's car the American political system - and man can we fracking drive!

Voter turnout among 18- to 24-year-olds in the United States has grown from 36 percent in 2000 to 47 percent in 2004; young voters helped propel Democrats Jim Webb in Virginia and Jon Tester in Montana past Republican incumbents to secure Democratic control of the US Senate; and hundreds, if not thousands, of organic social groups of young Americans flourish online and offline in support of candidates or pressing policy issues.
Oh, yea! I've felt for a long time that the stereotypical college student - apathetic and uncaring - wasn't anywhere close to accurate. It's nice to read that I'm right. Students care, students are fairly well informed and there's a new generation - very different from those that proceeded us - able and ready to take over. And what a difference a generation can make!

Young people today have a strong multilateral world view on foreign policy. In stark contrast to their elders, nearly three out of four 18- to 24-year olds believe the United States should let other countries and the United Nations take the lead in solving international crises and conflicts.
Things are looking up. Kudos to Harvard for doing an interesting survey. Let's hope the MSM takes notice so all those old stereotypes can sleep with the fishies.


Mass Marrier said...

Then, as spokesmodel, your bloggy job is to make sure your folk accomplish much while their heads are still pointed in the right direction. The boomers accomplished much, but lost steam badly and went sour (probably that 70% who never inhaled).

Right now, today's college and high-school students have good attitudes about civil rights, including marriage-equality. Let the voting and organizing commence and continue!

Lynne said...

Yeah, you young 'uns who came of age with 9/11 are way better than my generation, which was the direct product of the me-me-me 80's attitude.

Congrats, and don't forget to pass on what you have learned to your younger brothers and sisters before you head out in the big, bad world. :)

Anonymous said...


Nice blog post. If you are interested in the youth vote and progressive politics, come join the discussion at Future Majority. That's the sole topic of the blog, and we get lots of folks running youth orgs reading the site or dropping by to comment and post.

Mike Connery

Ryan Adams said...

Thanks for the heads up; I'll check it out.

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