Friday, May 11, 2007

McGrory Becomes News Editor...

Does anyone think this is going to improve things over at the Boston Globe? Ugh.

"For years, the Globe has been the paper of record in Boston," McGrory said. "My goal is also to make it more the paper of interest."

Now, why doesn't McGrory's statement there inspire my confidence? Who wants a paper of record, when you can have a the paper of interest? It doesn't really get much better than that...
The Globe's editor, Martin Baron, praised McGrory as a masterful writer and meticulous reporter who brings to the job a passion for journalism and a deep knowledge of the area.

Errr... let's hope his "passion for journalism" extends beyond the subpar columns coming out of his paper inches, because I really didn't see any superior journalism myself. I've read plenty less-than-insightful, Herald-esque gotchas coming from his direction - but that's about it. Is that the future of the Boston Globe newsroom?

"We'll add a dose of humor to our coverage, and also humanity. We'll stress quality writing at every level."

Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned hard news? With Globe newsreporting apparently going snarky, I guess there's one less difference between that newspaper and a blog. Now, if only people clicked my ads so I could get paid for my writing too, I'm not so sure there'd be any differences. McGrory, writer of four mystery novels, may not disagree.

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Anonymous said...

Man, if the Globe wanted to save the Herald so bad, they should have just bought it instead of turning their paper into it. Wonderful.

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