Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Chat with Bay Windows's Susan Ryan-Vollmar

Don't worry, no one missed my show with Susan Ryan-Vollmar of Bay Windows - it's stuck on the internet forever mwahaha!

Seriously, though, it was a decent show. We talked about Wednesday's (brief) ConCon, the movement in the gay rights movement and all sorts of other things. Reports are all coming in that June 14th is looking more and more like the f.i.n.a.l. day to protect marriage equality from appearing on the ballot. No one better be shocked or unprepared - because this is probably going to be it, folks. I'm getting that from multiple sources.

Next week's ConCon is going to catch up on all the MA-05 action, lead by the illustrious Lynne, and we're also going to talk Health Care. Mike's going to be out for the week, so I'm going to take over the unofficial 'host' duties and may try some new things... like music! No guest planned yet, but we'll try to get someone. We also can take callers if you listen live, Tuesday at 7:30.

So make sure to listen in.

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