Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Reaction to Falwell's Death

I'll never stomp on any one's grave, I'm actually sorry the guy's dead. However mislead some people are, a lot of people followed he and his ilk. Hopefully, now that he's gone, there will be some kind of room for olive branches between religious conservatives and the glbt crowd; there really is no inherent reason for them to be mutually exclusive, other than an uninformed bigotry symbolized in a guy like Falwell.

So, for the people who cared about him, I'm sorry he's dead. Let's let his homophobia go with him too.


joe said...

Probably the most well-said thing I've read.

Ed in Swampscott said...

His heyday was the 1980's...Hatred of glbt is part of the DNA of large parts of the entire movement, I'm afraid, so his death will have little effect, I believe.

Joe T. said...

Very classily stated, Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Falwell really has himself to blame for making his grave into a dance floor. He regarded his religion as giving him license to say offensive things about others because he imagined he was bringing the Truth and Light. From him, many have learned to gloat over others' suffering. A bad lesson, a bad example, and a sad result.


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