Monday, May 14, 2007

Niki Tsongas Going Nuts?

Because she's certainly sounding it.

I applaud Pelosi and the Democratic Congress for forcing the issue. The military deals with the world as it is and it is up to politicians to create the world how it should be. A member of Congress can really make a difference; it is very important that we have a strong Democratic candidate.
I think this quote could be turned into a great button. Meanwhile, it's up to voters to remind her that it isn't the place of politicians to "create the world how it should be." As far as I've ever been aware of, the United States Government was in charge of the United State. We may be given great deference to foreign policy by many other countries, but that check isn't a blank one - and is increasingly bouncing on all corners of the world.

Add this warped sense of view to her HMO-love fest and I think I'm officially passing up for her in terms of any endorsement. Is it too much to ask for a politician that gets there's too much to focus on in this country than to be galloping across the world 'dealing' with it and 'creating' it. There are almost 50 million people without health insurance - there's a place to start.

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Lynne said...

I think she meant, that it's not the military's job to determine foreign policy, it's the elected officials' job. However, what a weird way to put it...after all, we have the surreal quote from a Bush aide about creating reality while the rest of us are behind them, chasing after.

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