Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Reader Responses

I made an open-call for reader responses for a paper I'm writing on the netroots/grassroots phenominon and the merging of the two. So far, I've got a number of very solid emails from the call that will be immensely helpful to my work, but I want as many perspectives as I can possibly get - so if any reader can spend a few minutes writing about their experiences with the netroots, that would be well appreciated. What got them interested in the netroots? Have you gotten involved in a campaign? Any activism? What kinds of posts do you read the most, civil rights? Elections? How has the netroots (blogging, as well as stuff like youtube, moveon, online tools like skyppe and dozens of others) impacted your life? If you've been an activist or paid attention to activism, how have movements changed in your life time and what kind of impact has the netroots made on them recently?

If you can respond, please leave either your name or an alias to go by. You can either email it to me or post it in the comments. I'll be posting my paper as soon as it's written - and I hope it will be able to make some kind of impact on our netroots movement. The more responses I get, the more powerful it will be!

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