Thursday, May 17, 2007

We Need Four Votes!

If you want marriage equality, double your efforts.
At least four lawmakers who had initially voted for the gay marriage ban in January have signaled that they may switch their votes, the sources said, giving same-sex marriage supporters growing confidence they can kill the measure and spare Massachusetts from becoming the epicenter once again in the country's cultural wars during a presidential election.

PS: Hey, Globe, it's not "slim" support. Nearly three-quarters of the entire state legislature supports marriage equality! Team Homophobia is the one trying to bloc the will of the majority by an ever-so-slim 25% - and they may not even be able to do that.

While we're all trying to secure marriage equality, let's take a moment to remember the fact that we do have such strong support on Beacon Hill.


Shiltone said...

On a second look, you'll see the "slim support" was for the same-sex marriage ban, which is correct.

So the number of jobs the Patrick administration needs to dangle out there to lure SSM opponents away from the Legislature is down to four. ;)

Mark D. Snyder said...

Why campaign for votes when they could kill it entirely just like the health care amendment?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mark. If the margin is so slim, why not just kill it with a majority vote? Why isn't MassEquality and the GLPC pushing this?

Ryan Adams said...

Maybe they don't have that option? I'd prefer it killed the traditional way, a la the health care amendment, but for whatever reason that's not on the agenda. Maybe they'd lose some numbers of support among the leg is they try to do it that way.

Anonymous said...

They can't kill it by adjourning unless the senate president allows the move to adjourn to be made. If she skillfully wields the gavel, there can be no parliamentary move without her approval. So far, she has stated that there would be a yes/no vote on the amendment itself.

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