Thursday, June 21, 2007

DiMasi's Here - For Now

The big buzz today seemed to be about Speaker DiMasi. Frank Phillips sort of left a bombshell at the end of his article on an alleged consultant scandal that suggested Speaker DiMasi could be on his way out. Here's the quote in question:
As speculation mounts over DiMasi's future, Rogers has been laying the groundwork for what many on Beacon Hill believe will be a succession fight . His major rival is Representative Ronald Mariano, a Quincy Democrat.

Rest assured, Speaker DiMasi's here for now. I sent an email to Phillips to follow up on that point and Phillips said there was "no evidence that DiMasi is actively looking to leave." What Phillips meant was that no one sticks in office forever and the struggle to be the next Speaker has already begun, regardless of when DiMasi leaves. Of course, he's right, although that sentence certainly made for some interesting speculation.

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