Monday, June 04, 2007

Focus on the "Family" Isn't Pro-Family

The Standard Times in New Bedford wrote about all the high-profile lobbying the marriage amendment and described Focus on the Family as thus,

the conservative nationwide Christian family group

It's not a "family group," conservative or otherwise. Let's be real: it cared about one thing and one thing only - gay rights. In their view, being tolerant of gay people is bad and when businesses or people choose to tolerate glbt members of society, Focus on the Family usually boycotts them or protests through some different kind of means.

One can't be "pro-family" if they're not doing anything that's actually in favor of families. I've never seen Focus lobby for national health care or even just health care for children. I haven't seen them lobbying for a better environment, so kids can be raised in a place where they won't get asthma or cancer. I doubt they've ever testified on behalf of the more than ten million children in this country who worry about whether or not they'll get anything to eat for dinner that day. Don't even ask about the rising cost of housing expenses or public education system. Unless, of course, those schools have a Gay/Straight Alliance: then they're interested, but not in the actual educational experience at the school... just in stamping out them queers.

A newspaper is supposed to report fact, not innuendo. Focus on the Family may want to be called a family-oriented organization, but in reality they're just an anti-gay organization. Certainly, they aren't doing anything to quell that opinion of mine. If newspapers want to include Focus on the Family in their stories, which I think is highly suspect anyway since it's a hate group, they need to be honest about their portrayal of that organization. Don't call it a pro-family organization, conservative or otherwise. Just call it an anti-gay organization, because that's what they are.


Anonymous said...

It is also not a Christian organization. Christ said all of nothing about gayness. But hey, xtainity provides a nice cloak of respectability. I'd use it too if I were to set up a hate organization. They probably rake in lots more cash with the xtian patina than without it.

Ed in Swampscott said...

This reminds me of the 1980's, a group that was supporting the Nicaraguan Contras (a terrorist group) was described as a pro-democracy group in the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Here's some other shockers:

The Mass. Family Institute isn't a research organization, and Peter Porcupine isn't really "your obedient servant," and the primary spokesman for Concerned Women for America is a MAN with a law degree from Regent, and you can be chastised on BMG for calling PP an ass, but not for calling someone a pansy or a faggot, and Raj will post about the opening of an envelope, then insult you for complaining he's boring when you have a perfectly good scroll wheel and he knows that because he posts 24x7 and spends the other 200% of the time in blogs you don't have the balls to even think about even looking at, just fighting the power (freep!!!!) and keeping it more real than you possibly could and how dare you insult him by suggesting that maybe, just maybe, there are decaf brands which are just as good?

Um, what were we talking about?

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