Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Globe's Crossing the Streams

Because I love sexy quotes and will write a blog when I think of a nice, witty line, I think Lynne's right - the Globe is really reaching with today's story, wondering whether Patrick has become too close to big business. As Lynne notes, their usual M-O, often expressed through Michael "I get to be quoted in the Boston Globe almost every day" Widmer, is that Patrick is going to destroy big business and make them flee from Massachusetts in terror by undoing some of the most flagrant Corporate Tax Loopholes. But wait, today we learn he's way too close to those Big Businesses. Well, which is it?

Today's Blogo-outrage is a reaction to the Globe's Crossing the Stream. Bad things happen when the Stream is Crossed. Today's bad thing? The Globe lost respectability. They lost respectability with readers, with bloggers, with readers of bloggers and - I'd imagine - with anyone who seriously values good journalism. Respectability at the Globe seems to be fleeing Massachusetts in terror by the paper constantly undoing whatever credibility the Paper of Record once had. They've simply crossed that stream too often before.

What I don't understand is this: Is Frank Phillips the Key Master or the Gate Keeper? And who are the trolls who actually buy this crap?

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