Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Guns: Keeping American Families Safe

Like this one.
In a tragic turn for a violence-prone Boston family, 8-year-old Liquarry Jefferson was shot to death in his Roxbury apartment, and his relatives' initial account that armed intruders had gunned him down was a lie, police and city officials said last night.

Officials said a 7-year-old male cousin playing with a loaded gun accidentally shot Liquarry, a first-grader who loved basketball, pro wrestling, and pizza. His death early yesterday made him the city's youngest fatal shooting victim in five years.

Even if a gun is stored properly, it's far more likely that the gun will target a family member than a burglar. It's so sad that thousands of people have to die every year - and still, as a country, we haven't come to our senses yet. Hand guns have one purpose only: killing people, often deceptively. We don't need them; in fact, we're better off without them. Just as little Liquarry.

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