Friday, June 08, 2007

Here's a Deval Event I Won't Miss

I got this in my email from the other day:

In town hall forums across the Commonwealth and here on Beacon Hill, I hear from many of you--from parents and homeowners, teachers and policemen, mayors and legislators--all of whom are concerned about rising property taxes and the financial strains on our cities and towns, our schools, roads, and public safety.

That's why we asked for your help in educating your community about the Municipal Partnership Act, a piece of legislation proposed as a first step in relieving over-reliance on the property tax, and why I'm asking you to join me and other members of the legislature at our Strengthening Our Communities event at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 21st at the Grand Staircase outside my office in the State House.
Governor Patrick's campaign was about a lot of things, but one thing really stands out beyond all the rest: his focus on restructuring the way municipalities and the state coexist. Seeing as how the system is a complete, broken mess, we should all be glad he's putting this kind of focus and attention on the issue. If the only thing Governor Patrick got done in four years in office is the passage of the Municipal Partnership Act, his first term would be a resounding success. The bill is that important.

Yet, it's not flashy or a hot button, so it's incredibly hard to lobby for. The only way it can ever pass the likes of a Sal DiMasi House is through millions in this state knowing all about the Municipal Partnership Act. The only way to pass the bill is to get the same kind of grassroots energy to push it through the House as Patrick got to push him through the Democratic Primary.

Right now, the bill is sitting on the oven simmering, waiting to boil. We need to be the people who make it boil. Going to Patrick's June 21st event, right in the State House, could make for a great statement and help build the momentum to make Governor Patrick's biggest goal come to fruition.

I hope to see some of you there.

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