Thursday, June 28, 2007

How Republicans Communicate

This explains a lot.


bostonph said...

I was going to respond with the story of ""s dramatic resignation from the GOP after the local party let him down and gay marriage and the national party let him down on immigration. The exchange between him and PP which followed brought tears to my eyes. I hope they live to see their dream of a party once more united in homop and xeno phobia.

However, this is much more fun:,0,1590125.story?coll=la-home-center

Three former leaders of Exodus International, often described as the nation's largest ex-gay ministry, publicly apologized Wednesday for the harm they said their efforts had caused many gays and lesbians who believed the group's message that sexual orientation could be changed through prayer.

Speaking at a Hollywood news conference, the former leaders of the interdenominational Christian organization said they had acted sincerely in their years of work with Exodus. But they said they had all, over time, become disillusioned with the group's ideas and concerned about what they described as the wrenching human toll of such gay conversion efforts.

Anonymous said...

I guess we now know why they're so good at toeing the line -- as it were.

Bostonph's latimes find sounds like it should land in a diary somewhere.


Anonymous said...

so they're the woofers, and we're the tweeters?


bostonph said...

There are so many bad jokes off of this... Like:

Q: Why did the Republican State Committee member paint her toenails blue?
A: To hide-out on BMG

Q: What do you do with a RINO with 3 balls?
A: Walk it and pitch to the big government libertarian...

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