Thursday, June 14, 2007

Liveblogging the ConCon

I'm going to be out in the trenches today, liveblogging the amendment at the State House. How I'll do it is every few hours, I'm going to blog any big news I hear. Complete with my stinky digital camera, old fashioned (read: analogue) recorder and almost no sleep last night - I'm going to remember the days when I was a suedo-journalist working for my college paper - and comeback with a good story. If I get good quotes, look for them on LeftAhead.

For now, read my big post for the day. Let's hope our state legislature can do us proud and make sure honor and hope remain in the Commonwealth's Constitution.
As for the big news of the day, the Boston Globe had a few articles. I'm skipping to page 2 of Frank Phillips's big piece for the fun quotes (read: crazy).

Reilly, of the Massachusetts Family Institute, acknowledged that her group is up against a formidable array of Beacon Hill power brokers seeking to kill the proposal, but said that the optimism of gay marriage advocates may be unfounded.

"Rumors are spreading all over the place. I don't think anybody knows for sure, but we are feeling confident," Reilly said when asked if the votes opposing same-sex marriage were holding in face of the pressure. "Remember, Goliath was slain."

Suddenly the very small minority (glbt people) have become "Goliath," while Team Homophobia - which has passed marriage amendments in most states throughout the country - are laughably the Davids. Only, this David has a 25% threshold to defeat... which is kind of like gloating after beating a 5'8" Goliath. Notice how Reilly wants to figuratively "slay" us. Interesting use of vocabulary and metaphor.

Alright, it's 7am. People are already gathering there. I best be going. Let's all hope today is a very good day. More posts to come.


Anonymous said...

Great read on Reilly's David and Goliath framing. It is just a shameless rhetorical reversal of roles.

hanna said...

thanks for liveblogging this -- i'll be reading throughout the day, am very curious how things will turn out. all the best and thanks again!

bostonph said...

The fine folks at RedMassGroup are now complaining about how weary they are of being called bigots.

They can talk about weary after they've:

- been spit on and been called "faggot" for the crime of standing outside a gay bar
- had a job go away after the CEO meets their partner
- been told they can't visit their partner in the hospital, since only immediate family is allowed
- been told they can't attend a friend's funeral because the family weren't happy he was a faggot and they don't want a reminder...

You can gussy up the bigotry with BS arguments like "what if this SSM thing is just a mistake and results in messed up families and kids." It's still bigotry. Trying to claim that YOU'RE the victim, or worse, a HERO fighting for people's rights is just pathetic.

Gavin S. said...

Oregon is thinking about you guys today.

Scott said...

We won! 45 pro votes, they needed 50 to put it on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

Ryan - do you have anything you'd like to say to Sen. President Murray - for doing the right thing?

bostonph said...


I see Peter Porcupine has crawled out from under her rock to post more specious nonsense over at RMG:

The opinion of the Legislature of the people who placed them in a position of authority has been demonstrated - 45 to 151.

That's our PP: bitter and disingenuous to the very end. And just think, OUR tax dollars paid for her post.

Rock the Cradle said...

I am SO damn relieved.

Went much faster than I thought. This is a good thing, I think. Especially after seeing the results on

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on this issue, today is a truly joyous day.

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