Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MA-05 Breaking News!! And Today's Show

This just in!

Barry Finegold knows all the words to Beauty in the Beast, the Disney Movie, and Jamie Eldridge is 6'5."

I Swear To God!

And, did you know, Niki Tsongas has a dog named after an Emperor her husband met, while serving in the Peace Corps? No way? WAY!

But, it gets better, Meceli plays Golf, like, all the time - but really isn't good at it... and Donoghue? She freaking LOVES the Food Network.

---And the media wonders why people turn to the blogosphere? H/T to Sco.

Tonight's LeftAhead starts at an irregular time - 8pm. Expect stuff on the ConCon, MA-05 and whatever we can think of at 8. Lynne's probably going to join us at around 8:30, with news from tonight's MA-05 debate.

Next week, on June 26th, we have Fifth Congressional Candidate Jamie Eldridge on.


Anonymous said...

Ryan - please spell Jimmy's name right - he IS Chair of a House Committee, after all!

Anonymous said...


It's Beauty and the Beast. Not in


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