Friday, June 01, 2007

NECN's "The Education of Deval" Good Stuff!

NECN, an organization that's offered some of the best journalism on Governor Patrick that I've seen, filmed a great documentary with NECN's Alison King following Deval Patrick and his first 100 days in office: "The Education of Deval Patrick." (Show times and internet link listed on the bottom.) It showed him really jumping in with two feet, loving the job and really immersing himself with all the details of the state's budget, then it went through the minor early gaffes, the changes he made - or, rather, the lessons he learned - and really showed some of the success he's been having too.

Clearly, I wasn't the only one to like it. Outraged Liberal, over at Massachusetts Liberal, is a self-identified former reporter who used to cover the State House and had a great reflection on his old duties and the NECN documentary. I really hope everyone will find a time to watch the documentary, especially both his supporters and people who have never got the chance to see him. It really showed a unique side that few people have had a chance to see.

It airs:

Friday, June 1, 7pm
Saturday, June 2, 8pm
Sunday, June 3, 11am
Monday, June 4, 4pm
Tuesday, June 5, 2pm
Wednesday, June 6, 11am

And you can watch it (or at least most of it) online! So, there's plenty of time to see it - don't miss out.


Lynne said...

My husband's comment: "There wasn't anything in there I didn't know...I didn't learn anything."

That's when I realized just how freakin' involved in covering and reading about politics I've been (and him by extension). To most people, I think a lot of the documentary was insightful. To me, it was like, "That's news?" LOL

Ryan Adams said...

Right, I didn't learn a whole ton either, but what I really took away from it was his personal interactions with Alison King. It was a pretty interesting glimpse at his life and the way he thinks and does things.

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