Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pictures From Boston Pride Rally

Yesterday, I sat in front of the State House for something entirely different than a Constitutional Convention: a Pride Parade. There were thousands upon thousands of people who marched, and likely over a hundred thousand people who watched. People were lined up all over the streets for miles around. It was nice, just for a day, to see what it would be like to be a part of the majority - where you can hold hands without weird looks, or share a simple kiss without rebuke - or fear of a hate crime. Granted, things in Boston are generally tolerant, but I know people who let loose just a little more on Saturday - loose enough to be acting like any other new couple happily in love.

The rally started with some cool biker-chics, but here was the first welcoming "Boston Pride" banner. To the right, you can see the Governor giving a big thumbs-up to everyone. I got another picture of him, but it didn't come out.

Now, back to the people who really started this thing off - the cool biker chics. I don't know who I'd be more afraid of being pulled over by, the bikers or the police officers who drove ahead of the route.

Behold, the power of Kermit:

Though, the power of my camera? Not so much. It's important to note that the confetti from the environmental float was bio-degradable. I made my friend test with his saliva, just to make sure. Also, all the Kermit moments were from different floats and groups... amazing!

Of course, Dorothy (or should I say, Dorothe?) made his entrance as well.

The parade was neither without its scantly dressed,

nor politicians.

I took about 100 more pictures, but I'll spare my readers all the details (and bandwidth). Suffice it to say, lots more politicians, some drag, Unitarians, Christians and religions of all sorts, a great Latino presence - and, best of all, tens of thousands of people cheering and laughing, happy and excited just to be out even if the weather was crap. Heck, there were even two Sodomites-Go-To-Hell type protesters and we all had a good ol' chuckle about that. They didn't matter to us, because no one can ruin the pride of being a free American citizen.

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Rhea said...

I wasn't there this year. Thanks for the pics.

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