Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Podcasting with Jamie Eldridge

My cohosts Lynne, Mike and I had our weekly Podcast, LeftAhead, tonight - featuring Jamie Eldridge as our special guest. He comes in at 39 minutes and stays for the duration, which was plenty of time to get into specifics on all sorts of issues. Despite the fact that we've endorsed him, we ask him some pretty tough questions because we're pesky bloggers that want to put out good material.

We chat MA-05, figure out what exactly single-payer health care really is, marriage equality, Blogs of the Week, immigration and a whole boatload of issues. Mike says he'll edit the segment down into several issue-related spots, so go pester him on his website to make sure he does. Other than that, it was a great episode and I hope everyone will check it out!

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