Wednesday, June 06, 2007

There's Money to be Made in Religion

Not that this will surprise a great number of people, but there's a lot of money to be made in selling faith and David Kirkpatrick plans to make as much as he can doing it. Buyers beware.

Still, though, it's an interesting article. Kirkpatrick hopes to start up a rather large media venture; it would include producing movies, commercials, books and even bible versus sent directly to your cell phone. He wants all these things based in his home state, Massachusetts -home of the Puritans and stuff.

Did I mention it would be large?
Kirkpatrick, a former president of Paramount Pictures and a cofounder of the year-old Good News Holdings, whose mission is to produce "spiritainment" that will "please God," is in search of 100 acres in his native Massachusetts to build a $150 million-plus studio to produce films, television shows, and commercials, both religious and otherwise. His ambitious plans call for 14 sound stages, a "huge" back lot for filming and as many as 1,500 jobs. This is phase one, he says, which he wants to have "fully operational" by 2009.

Whatever floats his boat. Good paying jobs are good paying jobs, especially if it's located in a place like Plymouth (which is one location he recently looked at). I'm sure the South Coast and Cape Cod wouldn't mind 1,500 new jobs in the neighborhood. He plans on leasing out a lot of his studios, etc. to anyone who would be interested, because I guess there's only so many movies one can make about Jesus, Moses, Noah & Company - and it's all about making money, you see, just "a hard-boiled business proposition."

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Capitalism at it's best.

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