Thursday, June 14, 2007

We Won!

Not that it's any big news by now, but we won.

First, let me apologize by saying that technology wasn't being my friend today - that's why I didn't get to live blog. I was having internet withdrawal, wanting to know what was going on - who was blogging - what everyone was writing... but, not $10 an hour's worth with bad connection and a 10 minute walk (the sprint loc down the street).

However, I have tons of pictures, comments and praise to give - the highlight of the day, aside from WINNING, has to be the homeless guy scolding Tom Lang for talking too much. It was hilarious.

We outworked them, had the just cause and won. All was as it should have been.

What a great day.

More to come, including lots of pictures.


Lynne said...

Congrats, Ryan, really and truly...I am so happy for the GLBT community. I still have hope for our country yet, to have won this battle.

Anonymous said...

Team Homophobia has now changed their tune from, "We want an up or down vote" to "we phonied up some signatures, that means you have to do whatever we want." The definition of democracy is ever shifting. lol

Any truth to the rumor that a small, furry animal with quills, wearing an apron and ruffled cap, threw herself off the dome of the State House, clutching a lipstick kiss stained pic of The Glove, screaming "I believe in equality! I don't want to live in a world where you people have rights!"? Or is she actually slinging a line of bs on how *happy* she is with the results?

eddie said...

I give a lot of credit to Deval Patrick and his leadership here. Back in january, a bunch of us were talking to our state rep about this, pretty hopelessly, and he told us to calm down because the Governor was all over it.

Ryan Adams said...

Patrick certainly was key. I don't think we'd be here today without him. Although, to be fair, the same thing could probably be said of Sal DiMasi.

Heck, even Marc Solomon was key today. As much as I rag on MassEquality, we wouldn't have won today. They made mistakes, but their cause was just and ultimately they convinced the overwhelming majority of the legislature of that.

So a lot of people get to claim success. Governor Patrick just got the loudest applause =p

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