Sunday, July 29, 2007

Charley Baker's Game is Getting Old

BMG's Charley Blandy ponders whether Charley Baker, CEO of Harvard Pilgram, is planning a run for Governor. Of course, rumors of Baker's desired ascendancy to the top of Massachusetts's Republicanville have existed for quite some time - at least since I was a Junior in High School, when DOE administration officials told me all about it. When I was serving on the State Student Advisory Council to the Board of Education, Charley Baker sat on the very board I advised. Baker's also from my home town of Swampscott, serving a brief and very dull stint as a town selectman (the administration failed to mention any of the town's fiscal woes to its populace in good time, forcing an unexpected school closing: some of that blame must lie on the expert CEO/Selectman).

History has taught me not to worry about Charley Baker's plans (luckily, I don't have Harvard Pilgram). Up until this point, he's been too afraid to challenge the likes of Kerry Healey, Mitt Romney and Jane Swift in his own party - never mind a strong and popular Democratic incumbent. If Baker and his new found mud slinging thinks he's found the courage to take on a popular progressive, I look forward to defeating the CEO of the HMO. As quoted in Blandy's blog, Baker may not know why Deval Patrick won the election - but I can promise Baker the reasons will remain the same when he meets defeat come 2010, if he ever manages the cajones to run.

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