Thursday, July 05, 2007

Flowery Reports From Iraq

Rarely do I ever watch the telly. Rarer still do I watch the 6 o'clock world news. However, in spending some time with my mother this after, I managed to catch be forced into watching Charles Gibson do today's recitation. Another Republican, he says, has turned coat on Bush. But don't worry, as George Stephanopasdfolis reported, he's not going to do anything as extreme as risk cutting the funding. Meanwhile, after that two minute report, I was barraged with a full segment on how shiny and happy the kids are in Iraq with their new boy scout camp. That's right, a four day boy scout camp in the Green Zone gets about as much play on ABC as the actual length of the camp. Things are looking up. Boy, that surge is really working. Some boys get to go to camp and everything!

The last time I had the 6 o'clock national news on, I was watching Katie Couric. She was telling everyone how great the surge was going too. Her propaganda piece (let's be honest, that's what these are) was about how tough and courageous our troops were, hunting in dangerous areas of Iraq for al Qaeda. Sure, Couric reported, we were giving them a few day's notice in our plot to route them out, but we didn't actually think they'd leave or anything. No mention, meanwhile, of the fact that there would be almost no al Qaeda in Iraq if we didn't invade the country in the first place.

President Bush, Dick Cheney and their pals like to complain about how the media never plays any of the positive stuff going on in Iraq. Well, the past two times I've watched the news, the positive was the bulk of their coverage. Meanwhile, we're quickly moving towards 4,000 dead Americans and god knows how many dead Iraqis - the number is so high, no one can seem to get a firm count. Despite the plethora of propaganda coming from the world's 53rd most free media, Americans are still turning against the Bush administration. Sometimes the people are ahead of the politicians in knowing what's right for the country; it's amazing that can still happen despite just how hard the major networks seem to be trying to keep us in our quagmire with this shoddy coverage.


Anonymous said...


It's shocking how bad television news is.

I wonder whether the problem isn't really shrinking leisure time. Not only are we short on time, we're short on time that we're fully awake and alert. Television provides relaxation while newspapers require attentiveness.

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Anonymous said...

And if we didn't invade Afganistan al Queda wouldn't be there, and if we didn't bomb the towers in New York ourselves ..

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