Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Questions for Niki Tsongas

An anonymous commenter leveled the criticism that my podcast, LeftAhead, wasn't all that tough on Jamie Eldridge. I question if Anon actually listened in: we asked for far more detail on health care policy, for example, than the entire forum on health care. So, to show that my questions wouldn't be any different for Niki, Barry, Eileen or anyone else in this race, here's some questions I have for Niki Tsongas. I'll email them to her campaign as well, hoping for a response.

1. How does your experience, be it in life or on the job, make you a better candidate for Congress than your competitors?

2. Health Care seems to be one of the big issues in this campaign. You're a big proponent of market forces. How will market forces keep costs down when we've already been working under a free market system all these years?

3. Why is a free market system superior to a single payer system, or one akin to Germany's Health Care system where there's competition between the government and private companies?

4. Lynne Lupien over at LeftinLowell posted an interesting blog on your positions on a lack of detail on the Connector Plan. You said it isn't perfect: what's wrong with it and what would you do to fix it?

5. People elected to Congress can't be all to all people, but they can become powerful voices on particular issues if they stick to a few. Marty Meehan, the Congressman you'd be replacing, was a national voice on both campaign finance reform and on removing Don't Ask Don't Tell. If you had two or three big issues you'd try to become a national voice on, what would they be?

Over the next week or so, I'll also send questions to the other campaigns too.

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