Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Apparently, Keller Quoted Me in his Book

According to David, I'm one of the lucky winners who gets to be quoted in Jon Keller's upcoming novelization of Massachusetts politics. Hooray! One wonders what incredibly nefarious, communist, ebil left-wing thing I had to say to pull that off? People should have equal rights? Health care for all? So, will Keller's work of art be a complete and utter work of fiction? David seems to think so - and he was given an advance copy. Was Keller actually hoping for some favorable press?
Well, here's what a small portion of I-Don't-Think-So tastes like, courtesy of David Kravitz.
The book is an unwieldy amalgam of serious issues (e.g., waste and corruption on the Big Dig), Keller's personal pet peeves (is political correctness really responsible for crime in the cities?), and a smattering of right-wing talking points (remember the welfare queens?), all swirled together with little regard to what's a real problem and what just annoys Jon. Even more peculiar is Keller's willingness to ascribe just
about every one of these perceived problems to "liberals" -- even though, as I've already pointed out, many of the people Keller is complaining about are not, in fact, liberal. The tendency that I was concerned about by the time I got to page 11 -- conflating "Massachusetts Democrat" with "liberal" -- continues unabated throughout the book.

Peter Porcupine thinks I should read the book anyway - giving it the benefit of the doubt - but I say Keller's body of work is large enough as is to decide he's nothing but a pundit who'll say anything for attention and ratings. After all, he's an Important Man and what he says matters, just because he said it, dammit. But, I suppose now I'll be lured in with the prospect of catching just whatever he had to say about me and disproving it. But, hey, at least I know I'm past Ghandi's first stage - because I certainly wasn't ignored. But am I being laughed at - or is he using fighting words? I suppose I'll have to wait for the book, but in the end it doesn't matter - because we, as a progressive movement in Massachusetts, are already circling our prey for the win.


Peter Porcupine said...

Ryan - I'll get you a copy, and send it in a plain brown wrapper!

Ryan Adams said...

ROFL. You're too funny, Peter. That brings new meaning to "packy."

Anonymous said...

It's good to read a little of what is swaying all the people in our political spectrum. It gives an opportunity to see where other people are coming from and how they're thinking. As long as it's done in good taste and with a civil tone (like this blog) it's worthwhile.

bostonph said...

According to her post on RMG, Ms. Porcupine pre-ordered it along with Matt Margolis' new Dem bashing book. I think she got in a plug for the ever-homophobic "Pundit Review" in the same post, which seems remarkably apropos.

Why is it that Republicans need so badly to believe that liberals are not only EVIL (cue sound effect), but the cause of all the world's problems?

Here's hoping that Keller's book is at least better written then Gregg Jackson's. Margolis is one of the world's more incoherent bloggers, so there's little hope there.

Anonymous said...

And the liberals believe Republicans are the root of all evil. It's unaccountable politicians who are the trouble.

bostonph said...

And the liberals believe Republicans are the root of all evil. It's unaccountable politicians who are the trouble.

Horse hockey. I'm referring to the amazing number of Republican vanity press books with titles like "Treason" or "Comebacks to liberal lies." There are left wing analogs, but nowhere approaching the volume and mean spiritedness. The Republicans just seem to eat this shit up.

p.s. No matter how you spin, Michael Moore ain't no Ann Coulter.

Anonymous said...

Capitalism. They wouldn't get published and sold if there wasn't a market. They even allow books published that say 9-11 was a government conspiracy, what a country.

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