Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jon Keller's Answer

Jon Keller posted a blog today on the similarities between Senator Obama and Governor Patrick.

What are the chances that two late-wave baby-boomer liberals – both trailblazing a kind of new-age political spin that markets vague policy nostrums by casting themselves as calming antidotes to boom-era strife – would use the very same term to dismiss effective criticism of their wobbly performances? We knew these two were friends and allies. Could it be they talk more than we know?

The answer? Who cares. Every politician has friends and allies - does anyone really care if they take advice, especially when the advice isn't coming from a paid lobbyist? Is it objectionable that Patrick and Obama would talk about certain common problems they have faced thus far? Heck, at the very least we know that's one less paid D.C. consultant giving Obama bad advice.

Finally, I hate to even ask this question, but if we were talking about two different politicians, especially from the other party, would we even be having this discussion right now? Heck, if Hillary gets Bill - no questions asked - at least Obama should be able to have Governor Patrick, if Patrick ends up choosing to back him.


Lynne said...

"both trailblazing a kind of new-age political spin that markets vague policy nostrums"

What bullshit...Keller is such a myopic youknowwhat. I personally could recite Patrick's positions - very specific positions - when knocking on doors for him. His website policy pages were more specific at an earlier time than ANY other candidate...but yet, he gets the label of having "vague policy nostrums" from people like Keller, who wouldn't know policy if it bit them on the ass. Gah!

Ari Fertig said...

How inane. He should know they both use Axelrod's language, which is what that comes from. And doesn't he have anything more interesting to say than "Deval Patrick and Barack Obama are running similar campaigns." We know that already. Big deal.

Wasn't there even a Boston Globe article about this back in April?

Anonymous said...

Jeez, is Keller thick. Half of Patrick's staff moved to Chicago shortly after he was elected -- the Patrick campaign was clearly a dry run for Obama. It's like reading columns from someone excited to have discovered moon dust...ON THE MOON!

Ryan Adams said...

Moondust on the moon... that's not only hillarious, but a perfect discription.

John Hosty said...

Has anyone said, "Patrick 2012" yet?

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