Thursday, August 09, 2007

PACs and Lobbyists Aided Obama's Rise and...

Just about every other elected state or national official across the country, except maybe a certain 5th Congressional Candidate that I'm very found of.

But the Globe has a story on Obama. To be honest, I'm not really inspired read it. As anyone who frequently reads my blog or listens to my podcast would know, none of the current Presidential candidates has really caught me. My support for Edwards is of the default variety, as if it's almost waiting to shift to Al Gore if he ever runs. However, while Obama certainly has a healthy variety of money coming in the form of big donations from sources that wouldn't thrill me, he does have far more small donors - regular people contributing to his campaign - than any of his competitors (and probably any Presidential candidate ever). So, I find a story on this subject that specifically relates to Obama a little disheartening; why not spend those Globe inches on a compare-and-contrast of the top 3 or 4 candidates running?

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