Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday Musings: How to Spend Tax Dollars, FISA, WaPo and More

I have a few things on my mind...

  • How to spend tax dollars: set some clear proposals, announce it to the public, vet it and improve badly needed sectors of our state infrastructure and educational system. In other words, don't keep funding secret, don't use it as political capital and don't use it to improve your home's property values. I think we have something here...
  • Too many Democrats caved again: FISA has been trashed and the President's almost-certainly illegal wire-tapping program (without warrants) has been given the full congressional approval. Way to go, Blue Dogs DINOs.
  • WaPo: Daily Kos readers are partisan hacks with no ideas. You know, because if you support Democrats, clearly you agree with all of them on everything... and clearly, elected democrats don't disagree on anything (well, okay, maybe that snark doesn't work as well with our Presidential candidates, who seem to agree on way too many things, but still!).
  • Also, according to the same WaPo article, FireDogLake is a site about woman's issues. Huh? Have they ever, you know... read FDL?

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