Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Today's Musings: Cape Wind, Daily Show, Moving Mainstream?

  • Cape Wind was on the Daily Show last night - and I must have had seriously good karma to catch it, because I just haven't been watching the Daily Show much lately. However, BMG has the clip, just be warned it'll be axed from YouTube in no time. Look for it at Comedy Central soon, though.
  • Is the blogosphere moving mainstream? The quick answer is "of course." If the Ykos convention proves anything, it's that we're mainstream now. All the Presidential candidates coming for a debate we sponsored? Mainstream is a given. However, we have to be careful not to become a part of the Democratic establishment - as I talked about in my blog of the week, over at LeftAhead. It's one thing to move America to the left, it's another to watch the Blue Dogs give away our freedoms to Mr. 25%.
  • Speaking of LeftAhead, catch catch this week's episode on warrantless wiretapping. We even had a pesky libertarian phone in to just talk about how angry he was with President Bush, then lecture us about why public schools are bad. Interesting conversation, it's just too bad Mike's the one with the 'end chat' button and isn't one to pull a Howe and toss people off the air.

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