Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Well, I'm Pissed

Logo is supposed to have the presidential forum online, on their website. It's not.

I was really looking forward to watching this, now I can't. I've spent half an hour trying to find where the link was to this debate: Logo lost a great chance to catch new viewers, and POd a lot of people like me by saying they'd post it online. If it is online, it shouldn't be hard to find. What a friggin waste of time.

Wait a minute. Today's Wednesday, of course there's nothing online.

The forum's tomorrow. Whoops! Now, I'm not so pissed any more as I am red-cheeked and embarrassed.


Laurel said...

I't snot online yet because it isn't until tomorrow! Thursday,the 9th! Doh! :-D

Mass Marrier said...

Red Cheeked and Embarrassed. Tell Dave B. That's a great name for a rock band.

Also, Sara Whitman has a great pre-forum commentary for Hillary on this.

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